Undergraduate Courses

  • BIOLOGY 2A03 - Animal physiology
    Fundamental principles of animal physiology, including: cellular energetics, diffusion, osmosis, membrane transport, excitability and contractility, gas exchange, fluid dynamics, electrolyte balance

  • BIOLOGY 3P03 - Cellular physiology
    Analysis of cell function with an emphasis on electrical properties, ion transport proteins, signalling via second messengers, mechanisms of cell homeostasis, and epithelial transport

  • BIOLOGY 4T03 - Neurobiology
    Selected topics in neurobiology at the molecular and cellular level including growth factors and neuronal development, ion channels, neurotransmitter functions, learning and memory, and neurological disorders

  • BIOLOGY 4C09, MOL BIOL 4R09 - Senior Thesis
    In-depth, individual research projects are available to highly-motivated 4th year students; techniques available include immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy, Western blot analysis, RT-PCR, ratiometric Ca2+ imaging and luminometry

Graduate Courses

  • BIOLOGY 727 - Cellular physiology
    This course will combine formal lectures, discussion groups and student presentations to examine membrane transport processes, and mechanisms of intracellular homeostatsis using various techniques including patch clamp electrophysiology, heterologous expression systems, single cell spectrofluorometry, and Ussing chambers